Sunday 5 January 2014

Lets get some information about how to watch Cable TV on computer which have become an integral part of each and every household in the United States. With a personal or desktop computer by your side, you get access to numerous sources of entertainment right from music to games. The already lengthy list of activities that you can do on your computer has just lengthened with the inclusion of facility to watch Cable TV on it. Yes, you heard me right! Now you get to watch Cable TV on computer, and enjoy all your favorite TV shows which you were not able to see for some or the other reason. Before we move on and see how to watch Cable TV on PC, let's have a look at what you require for it.

What do You Require to Watch Cable TV on Computer?

In order to get Cable TV on your computer, you will require a TV tuner card or software, an updated computer and high speed Internet access. The computer has to meet the minimum requirements stipulated by the product manufacturer, or else the tuner card or software might not work properly on it. Even though you can watch Cable TV on your PC using DSL connection, the slow speed that this connection has to offer may result in interruption of services time and again. On the other hand, using broadband Internet will ensure that you get uninterrupted services. and thus enhance your Cable TV experience.

How to Watch Cable TV on Computer?

Basically, there are two methods by which you can watch Cable TV on your desktop or laptop. In the first method, you can use simple hardware to gain access to the Cable services, and in the second you need to download certain software for the same. While the term 'hardware' here refers to the TV tuner cards, the term 'software' refers to a program which facilitates the use of computer to watch cable TV in real time. Both the processes are very easy, and you can execute them by following some simple guidelines given in the user manual. Given below are the details of each of these processes.

Watch Cable TV on Computer Using TV Tuner Card
You can buy a TV tuner card from the electronics store in your neighborhood. There are two types of TV tuner cards for PC - internal cards and external cards. The internal TV tuner card comes in form of a PCI card, which can be directly plugged onto the motherboard of the computer. The external TV tuner card, on the other hand, comes in form of a USB device. Both of these types have their own pros and cons. Even though an internal card is relatively inexpensive, you may have a hard time installing it on the motherboard. The external card has to be simply plugged into the USB slot, but you may have to give it a second thought owing to its price. Some of the best USB TV tuner cards receive feed from Cable service provider through the broadband network without any disturbance.

Watch Cable TV on Computer by Downloading Software
You can also resort to a wide range of software applications which facilitate live streaming of Cable TV channels on the computer. This method will also require a high-speed broadband connection as slow speeds will affect the picture quality to a significant extent, and hamper your Cable TV experience. The entire process of downloading this software takes less than half an hour, and on completion of this process you get access to thousands of TV channels on your computer or laptop. The main advantage of resorting to this method is that it saves you the trouble of going through the technicalities of the hardware.

That covered all the information that you needed to know about how to watch cable TV on computer. In some cases, you may also need to consult your service provider to find out if there is any subscription system for this method or whether you require some software program for it. You might have to spend anywhere between $50-$100 on the entire process. Once you have installed the TV tuner card or downloaded the required software, you can just sit back and watch your favorite show with no disturbance whatsoever.


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