Thursday 6 September 2012

QuickTime is not just a media player but also a video editor. Thus, people often use it to play videos and even edit videos. Many people use it to make their own videos. Next, this paper will share you how to edit video in QuickTime and burn it to DVD.

QuickTime isn't just a media player but also a video editor. Therefore, people frequently utilize it to perform movies as well as modify videos. Lots of people utilize it to create their own movies. Following, this paper may share you how you can modify movie in QuickTime as well as burn it to DVD.

Here we need a DVD creator for Mac, with which you'll very easily convert the QuickTime MOV to DVD mac as well as keep up with the movie quality. Next is a easy instruction about how to modify movies in QuickTime as well as burn it to DVD using a DVD creator for Mac.

Step 1: edit the video in QuickTime

1. Open your video file through clicking on “File” on top menu.

2. Choose the portion of the file you need to modify through dragging the In as well as Out markers to surround which section of the file.

3. Remove all other portions of the file through choosing " Edit, " and then " Trim to Selection" on the QuickTime toolbar. This can remove the parts of movie outside of your In as well as Out marks. To get rid of the chosen part, select " Edit, " then " Delete. "

4. To merely snip out this portion of the file, choose " Edit, " and then " Copy" or even " Cut. " Then open the 2nd video file and also utilize " Edit, " then " Paste" to add the part into the file.

5. Click on " File" as well as " Save As" to rename your modified film while keeping your old film file.

Step 2: convert QuickTime MOV to DVD disc

1. Begin the DVD creator for Mac as well as click on “add” to input the MOV movies.

2. Create a DVD menu through clicking on the Burn icon. This DVD creator for Mac offers you several DVD menu templates to select from. Select one you prefer or even create your own DVD menu through clicking on “menu editor”.

3. Click on “Next” to enter setting panel. Here you need to select suitable output options as well as parameters.

4. Lastly, simply click “start” to convert QuickTime MOV to DVD.


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