Saturday 1 September 2012

Being arrested and the process which follows can be a confusing and uncertain time for a first time offender. After the arrest, and being charged with a crime, the defendant’s case is heard by the District Court Commissioner. If the Commissioner determines the charges laid, then a trial date is set. The defendant can either wait that time out in jail, or if the charge is a bail-able offense, a bail amount is set. It is then possible to pay the bail and out of jail until the court date.

What do bail bondsmen have to do with an arrest?

Bail bondsmen offer a service which helps people to pay their bail, and get out of jail as quickly as possible. Bail is refunded to the bondsman, provided the accused shows up to their hearing date. The bail amount is set high enough so that there is incentive for the defendant to show up at the trial. However, it is not typically too high, as to force the defendant to wait out the time in between the charge, and the trial in prison. For many people, any bail amount is too expensive to pay directly out of pocket. This is where bail bondsmen come into the picture.

How do bail bondsmen operate to get a defendant out of jail?

Bail bondsmen will post the bail amount for the defendant, and can have them released within a few hours. Bail bondsmen will charge a premium, roughly ten to fifteen percent of the total bail amount. If the bail amount is $10 000, and the premium is 10%, then the premium paid by the defendant or the family of, would be $1000. Of course, this is a risk on the part of the bail bondsmen, and they may ask for some form of collateral. This could be real estate, cars, cash or a signature of someone promising to be financially responsible for the defendant. If the defendant shows up to the trial, the bail bondsmen have their money returned from the courts, and they make their profit on the defendant's paid premium.

Due to bail bondsmen knowing the court system well, and seeing through many cases, bail bondsmen are very compassionate and understanding toward the defendant’s causes. Many bail bondsmen do offer payment plans to receive bail money, and will do house or office calls, for convenience and privacy. Bail bondsmen can also help to have the bail amount reduced. Bail bondsmen offer a very helpful and necessary service when there has been an arrest. Accused prisoners trust their bail bondsmen to get them out of jail quickly, so they can return to normal life, before the trial.

How to find great bail bondsmen

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