Thursday 6 September 2012

If you’re looking for web hosting, you may have already heard about web hosting affiliate programs. But what are these programs, and will they bring any benefit to you?

Web hosting affiliate programs are programs that web hosting companies offer to their clients in order to help them obtain more business. When a client signs up with a web host, and chooses to be a part of their web hosting affiliate program, they will be rewarded for every referral they bring to the business. Rewards can come in the form of cash or other bonuses such as free hosting. However, rewards are usually only given if the referral turns into business for the web host.

Web hosting is an incredibly competitive industry. It’s because of this that web hosts offer affiliates such bonuses and incentives. Essentially, it’s free advertising for them and when it’s word of mouth, it’s better advertising than any campaign that they’d be able to create. Affiliate programs also benefit the web host because they don’t need to spend time training staff on how to answer questions and use their equipment. Because the affiliate already knows many of these answers from working with the host, they’ll already know how to answer those questions. The web host also does not give out any incentives until new business has been earned. This takes away any risk to the web host.

But affiliate programs aren’t just beneficial to the web host; they hold many benefits for the affiliate as well. How many benefits you receive will depend on how active you are in promoting the web hosting company. You need to keep in mind though, that the more you put into the affiliate program, it could actually end up costing you more, too.

Some affiliates are happy to simply pass their referrals onto friends and family and perhaps receive enough bonuses to get a small amount of cash, or a month or two of free web hosting services. Another way to keep affiliate programs casual yet still receive the benefits is to simply place a link on your own website. These types of referrals don’t cost anything, but will still let you enjoy some affiliate program benefits.

However, you can take your affiliate program as far as you want to. Many affiliates turn it into a full-time job, creating websites to promote their web host, and filling them with testimonials and reviews. Often, the only people who choose this route are online marketers or marketing companies that make their profit simply through receiving bonuses and incentives from a web host. Creating websites and spending that much time on marketing for someone else though could cost you quite a bit of money; and that’s important to be aware of before you spend that time creating those websites.

Web hosting is an area in which you can get services and receive small bonuses or incentives in return. If you think an affiliate program would be something you’re interested in, speak to your web host to find out if it’s something that will fully benefit you.


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