Sunday 9 September 2012

ASUS is a leading company lean on introduction of new technologies and determination to have quality in their products such as notebooks, netbooks and others. It is regarded as a global leader in this new modern digital age. It offers some of the sleekest and ultra moderns notebooks around. This season we have seen major development in business laptops, so keeping up with the going on demand, ASUS too had been busy in producing such devices. All these recent developments along with the full specs and pricing can be fetched from ASUS laptops price list. The ASUS laptops price list is available on all online stores selling laptops. In the mean time lets go through a couple of their business laptops.
In this segment there is a ASUSPRO B Series of notebooks. They are found to be especially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. ASUS laptops like B43 and B53 models provide quality tested technologies and innovative business providers. They are all built with quality industry standards, surviving drop tests along with hinge test cycles and panel pressure testing. The confidential data inside these laptops are safe and are secure. Thanks to the ASUS ShockShield motion sensors and shock absorbing cushions that minimizes the risk of damage during transport and also ensures the data remains safe and secure. They are built with spill-resistant keyboard and a drain system that makes route for liquid to drain out of the system. They also come with other features like smart card access, fingerprint readers and optional TPM. These strict gatekeeping and privacy controls to guarantee only authorized users have access to important files. These Asus laptops have an user friendly user interface that allows permanently removing of confidential data from the recycle bin. Just launch Secure Delete and drag and drop the files to be deleted. They come featured with Theft Protection with LoJack for laptops and Intel Anti-Theft Technology. In order to provide additional security with remote system disabling, it comes with Intel Anti-Theft Technology.
The ASUS laptops in this category comes powered by 2nd generation Intel Core vPro processors to take intelligent client computing to the next level. They seem to have an upper hand with the features like maximized hardware-assisted security and simplifying PC management. What they do is to provide more responsive and give adaptive performance. They include Boston-Power Sonata long life battery technology as a standard feature. They offer three times the life cycle of traditional Li-ion batteries, while ASUS Xpress Charge technology recharges the notebook in few minutes. These Asus laptops have in them USB 3.0 which allows in easy charging of smartphones, MP3 players and other portable devices even when the notebook is powered off or in sleep or hibernate modes. All we can say is that the Asus laptops are simple, easy and convenient. To know about their full range, consumers can go to ASUS laptops price list.


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