Monday 17 September 2012

After years of courtship the star couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has finally decided to tie the knot. So, what has kept the romance alive in their life?
Dating for teenagers can be a blessing as well as a curse. Teenage is that time of life when your teen can face a lot of peer pressure to date. With the popular media showing numerous young teenagers dating, teenagers face added pressure, but the question remains whether teenagers should be allowed to date.
How do you know your teen is ready for dating? Having a romantic partner means committing to them physically as well as emotionally and no teenager would be mature enough to understand that. Teen dating is superficial in the early stages and a means to explore sexuality. Relationships formed during the late teen years do not usually last for more than 2 years. Dating can be treated as a way to learn, if it does not happen when your child is in his early teens and with the increasing challenges of the dating world, you would need to teach your teen how to handle dating intelligently.

So, how can your teen date smartly? The best way for teenagers to date is to begin with an online dating chat. With the advent of online dating sites and the social media, the need to date from a safe distance while acquiring social skills is taken care of. Friendly dating online can teach your teen invaluable life skills such as empathy, socially acceptable behavioral norms, sensitivity, and how they can develop a meaningful relationship with others.
How do you know, if your teen is having a healthy and friendly dating relationship online? If your teen spends too much time on online dating site, then you would need to monitor him. Be open to letting your teen in on your dating experiences and give him ideas on how he could have a healthy relationship as opposed to an unhealthy relationship.
What can you do as a parent to ensure the safety of your teen? Check the legality of the dating site your teen is on. Never let your teen get involved in serious sexual relationships, as many parents have got arrested because they let their minor go unmonitored knowingly or unknowingly. Monitoring your teen's online activities will not only help you gain your teen's trust, but also improve your relationship with him.


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