Saturday 1 September 2012

The odds of your visitors liking your site when you don't even like it are slim. You may not need a complete website redesign. Think about changing the coloring on the site. In order to bring your site back to life, that may be all that is needed. 

Don't fool yourself into believing that SEO alone will get you through. It's a waste of everyone's energy and money if someone visits the site and doesn't like it. 

If your website is built around a Web Site Builder, then you may be able to just apply a new template. Go through each and every page after installing a new template, and especially check that each page has the same size width, and that your pictures aren't too wide. 

There are lots of themed templates for use if you have a site that uses an eCommerce package like OSCommerce or Zen Cart, or have a site based on CMS (Content Management System). There are many themes that can be installed very simply if your blog uses WordPress. WARNING: If you install a new theme to a shopping cart, CMS based site, or blog, it's imperative you make a backup up first; there is a chance that the upgrade/ theme change will wipe out any functionality customization you may have done. 

Get an account with a stock photography site. There are royalty-free photos you can use on your website to keep it current and exciting. is a good place to look. You can locate pictures and other drawings. Videos also. 

An additional word of warning. Use the highest quality photos available when using images. When you make any corrections, make sure they don't appear grainy. It might be a good idea to buy PhotoShop to do it correctly. People are instantly repulsed by bad photography. In addition, use photos and videos sparingly. People and Google do not like slow load times. 

Keep your content current. No one likes a stagnant site, not even a search engine. I guess they think that you are no longer in business. 

Include a Forum or a Blog so that people can talk about your site, service, or product. Make sure that you monitor every blog and forum comment in case there are questions or inappropriate statements.


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