Saturday 1 September 2012

1: Go out to Google and other keyword sites and do some real keyword research. You want to target the keywords that are searched for about 100,000 times a month. The reason is you can rank easily for some of these and being in position number one for these can bring you upwards of 3000 visits per day for free. If you convert just 1% which is not very good, you will still get 30 sales a day. 

2: Once you have selected some keywords you need to put 3 of them in your title. The first one in your title you want to be the one that has most searches in a month. Follow that with the one that is a bit lower but maybe easier to rank for and then put your second choice third in the title. This will make your site look natural and will help your SEO. Don't use more than 3 keywords and don't repeat the same word over and over. 

3: Add a meta description tag to your website. Main point here is to include your keywords but don't stuff it with keywords. If you make it something other than natural writing people will assume your site is spam and skip it. You want the description to contain keywords in a natural way so that people will actually want to visit your site. This is your first impression with a searcher, make it a good one. 

4: The keywords tag is to be used. Though it doesn't help your rankings so much, it can help you rank for some things you may not have. I always say put in your main keywords, a few long tail rarely searched for phrases and some misspellings. The misspellings are great because they are hidden, but they are not spammed on your site. 

5: Start writing, and I mean writing. The main thing you are going to do in business on the Internet is write. You are going to have to write a lot of keyword rich content for your site. You are also going to have to write content to distribute for your site. You will need to get used to spending hours per day writing content, this is the most work you will do surrounding an Internet business. 


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