Thursday 23 August 2012

Today's marketplace is so competitive that businesses must take every opportunity to market their products or services. A marketing tool that is both effective and inexpensive would seem like manna from heaven for business owners.

Door hanger advertising is one such tool that small businesses can use to their advantage. Unlike other marketing tools, it require less spending – from production to distribution. Promotional door hangers work best if targeted to a specific neighborhood. Done right, a targeted door hanger campaign can be small, but effective.

Is door hanger advertising ideal for your business? Whatever type of business you are running, door hanger will surely work for you. The following are examples of some organizations and how they can benefit from door hanger printing.

Restaurants - If you own a restaurant, using printing your menu on door hangers is a great way to attract new customers. You don’t have to rely on flyers that can be blown away. Door hangers are printed on a sturdier card stock, so they are ideal to carry your menu.

Home and Lawn Services – Door hanger advertising is perfect for local businesses. Since plumbers, house painters landscaping businesses and the like operate in small geographical vicinity, door hangers is an easy and effective way to promote their business in a targeted area.

Flower Shops – Another one of those community-based businesses, flower shops can take advantage of door hanger printing just like other local shops. Just imagine the endless design possibilities: flower-shaped door hangers will surely brighten up any door handle.

Real Estate – Many real estate professionals have been using door hangers when targeting new neighborhoods. Come to think of it, door hangers and real estate seem to go together naturally. Realtors are in the business of selling houses and other properties while door hanger… well, you get the point.

Promotional door hangers can definitely help in promoting a business. With all the right elements, a single door hanger can attract the attention of your target customer. Give your hanger a catchy headline. Summon your creative side and arrive at witty lines that will make your slogan more striking as well as entertaining. If you are having a hard time coming up with a terrific line, you can scour the Internet for old maxims or humorous sayings. Choose one that catches your fancy then rephrase it to fit your message. Humor can help strengthen the recall of your business.

Take advantage of full color printing. Imagine which one is more eye-catching: a colored advertisement or a black and white one? Vibrant colors attract more people. Maximize every space of the door hanger by printing on both sides.

You can choose to print your custom door hangers using a desktop printer. Or, you can approach a professional printing company. Be careful when choosing a printing service company. Make sure that you can get more value for your money. High-quality prints are important when printing marketing tools and it’s no different with door hangers. Review the printer’s rates and packages and, if it has a website, read the testimonials on its service delivery.


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