Friday 24 August 2012

It is both a cliche and truism when it is said that the suit makes the man. Across cultures the traditional suit has become the symbol for the modern business man or professional. And often you are judged by this piece of clothing before you even say a word. Men's suits are one of the most important items to have in your wardrobe so your choices are important when buying one. 

The suit across the world has become the unofficial badge for the business world since the 19th century where it was first developed. Modern suits come in an array of styles, colors and materials. There are some general points to follow especially if one wants a good wardrobe on a budget. 

While there are several options you can choose from erring on the side of traditional styles and patterns will give your wardrobe a timeless quality. Considering a good quality suit can be in the hundreds to a couple thousand dollars per suit getting an option that will last is a good bet. Newer styles that follow a trend may become out of style in ten years or less which would force you keep replacing you wardrobe to stay in style. 

The first two options are fabric and color selection for your future choice. Wool is the material of choice for your initial selections due to wearability and comfort. Wool is a versatile fabric that can be woven in several forms to produce different densities and patterns each with their own feel. For colors stick to solid colors or a minimal pattern. Bold patterns and lines although noticeable may provide problems in the future if one gains weight or has other changes in body shape. 

Test the material next for strength and resilience of the cloth and stitching that holds it together. See how quickly the material lets go of wrinkles after being bunched up. Check the quality of the stitching to see if there are loose threads or other imperfections in the build. Is glue used instead of high quality thread to bind the sections together. Take these together to build a baseline of what you feel is the quality of the suit. 

The choice between single or double breasted designs is one that is debated by people who prefer either style. There is no hard and fast rule on that so use the style that looks best according to your body shape and particulars. Either one is considered traditional and acceptable as a traditional standard design. 

The proper amount of front buttons for your choice though is simple and either one or two buttons down the front. At various times with changing styles there have been designs with three or more front buttons. The problem with this arrangement is they break from the timeless standard and will go in and out of style and require a change or additional purchase in the future. 

Then to finish your search make sure to rely on the quality of the suit instead of a brand name. Many times the only thing that increases the price between two otherwise identical choices is the label that is used by one company on one of the options. A good suit is a long term investment in your wardrobe so quality and durability along with features that make it timeless are your priorities. 

Mens suits are a clothing investment just like formal dress that with the proper choice will last you a lifetime. Pick the options with the best workmanship and material that you can afford. Then make a selection based on standards that are timeless, so you can use the same suit now and at any time in the future. 


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