Tuesday 28 August 2012

The title of 'Biggest Fashion Show on the Plant' has four main contenders, each vying for the title. London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week (commercially known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) and Milan Fashion Week are universally accepted to be the four biggest fashion shows on the plant. Hence, when it comes to fashion shows, they are known as the 'Big Four'. 

The design collections for the spring/summer and the autumn/winter seasons are shown at these semi-annual shows. The spring/summer collections are unusually run during February or March, and the autumn/winter collections are usually run over September or October. 

The profit and smooth running of each of the 'Big Four' fashion shows was assured by the proposition of a schedule. The most high-ranking of all the 'Big Four' fashion shows starts the events, with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starting the proceedings, before the fashion world moves to London, and then Milan, with Paris nominated to end the proceedings. Having four major fashion shows rather than just one keeps the fashion world accessible to everyone, rather than just to people who live in a certain aria. 

Showing a collection on a fashion week runway significantly boosts sales and publicity, meaning every designer and design house respects the power of a fashion week runway. There are several different runways that show collections continuously during all the fashion weeks, giving multiple designers a chance to show a collection at the same time. By having both large, international runways and smaller, artistic runways fashion week becomes accessible and profitable to both the big, high end fashion houses and the smaller, newer fashion designers. 

Many of the 'Big Four' fashion weeks work closely with non-profit fashion organisations and artistic foundations in order to help upstart designers gain vital publicity, both for everyday collections and to show the more avant-garde artistic collections. Showing at a fashion week is perceived as so important, many fashion conscious individuals believe a collection shown on a fashion week runway has the ability to make or break even the most respected of designers.


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