Tuesday 28 August 2012

For a long time, Michael Vick was one of my favorite players in football. Having the ability to electrify a stadium with his incredible running abilities, I loved everything about his game. He really seemed like the next big thing in football. 

I can remember the first time I ever saw Vick play. This was in 2001 against the Patriots. Having been a rookie at the time, the New England defense basically swallowed him, but Vick quickly progressed and developed. In 2002, I saw him once again, this time versus the Seahawks. Vick won his team the game. 

Soon after, Vick shocked the football world with a post-season win in Green Bay against the Packers. I loved the way he looked on the field and bought jerseys, bobble heads, and every other piece of Vick memorabilia out there. 

I'd watch Vick in action as often as I could during the next few seasons, and he was always just as exciting. During the 2005 campaign, he almost led the Falcons to the Super Bowl. The team was stopped in its tracks by the Eagles, but Vick embodied the future of the NFL. 2006 looked nearly as good, and then the drama ensued in 2007. 

Vick was charged with endorsing dog fights. He was the facilitator here, having trained them, bet on them, and was directly responsible for the injuries and deaths of many dogs. I couldn't believe he'd do something like this. Whether he was influenced by the wrong people or not, anyone in their right mind obviously knew what kind of behavior this was. I was disgusted. 

Vick has now returned from prison and signed a deal with the Eagles last week. I'm glad to see that the league was willing to allow him a second chance, and whether he plays behind McNabb or not, this is certainly a major step for Vick. 

He deserves a fair chance and all the haters need to give him that. It bewilders me that Donte Stallworth who was drunk, drove, and killed a man, is getting less flak than Vick. Both deeds were unthinkable, but why should Stallworth be given a free pass because the victim's family took the money and he only did 4 weeks in jail? I don't see any signs with Stallworth's number with a slash through it. 

While both men made huge mistakes, it seems like all of the attention is on Vick. Stallworth will surely be given a second chance as well, and I can only say that they both make the most of these chances. 


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