Tuesday 28 August 2012

I realize now that the passing of Michael Jackson affected me more than I expected it to. It affected me so much I had to look at myself, and asked myself why? Was it because it was originally reported that he died of a massive heart attack, and I knew he was only 50 years old. He was not a smoker, he didn't drink excessively, he was not overweight, and surely he got a ton of exercise. I knew that empty feeling was inside of me because we had just lost a legend. But I had to look in the mirror at myself to understand why it affected me so deeply. 

As the days went on we learned more about the tragedy. It wasn't just a simple heart attack it was a massive drug overdose from abusing IV drugs that should only be used in a hospital during surgery. In addition Michael Jackson also took pills to help him get a good nights sleep. The word on the street is that he had been doing this for years with the guidance of a doctor whom he paid to administer these drugs. 

The media spotlight began to shine more brightly on how Michael Jackson died, and we see another case of a rich person dying indirectly because of their wealth. If Michael Jackson was like you and me he would not have been able to afford a surgeon to administer these deadly drugs. Many surgeons turned him down but eventually he found one that would take his money. These drugs should only be used in a hospital setting with a doctor standing right beside you the whole time. Most surgeries only last one to four hours. It is not intended to use these drugs for an eight hour or more nighttime sleep. 

I still feel empty though when I think about Michael Jackson and him being gone. Even though I know that what he did was stupid and irresponsible, I still feel like we lost a legend. His music career lasted over 40 years and created hit after hit. His following of those that love his music are as big as anybody in the history of time. Yet he had a worldwide following that loved him and he would always say " I love you back." 

Michael Jackson's music will certainly live on forever and when we listen to him he will bring back memories of our entire life. We'll hear the songs of a young boy singing about rock and robins and will hear the voice of an angry man singing how they don't care about us. 


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