Friday 24 August 2012

For those who live in the city, work in the city, or like to visit the city, there is a sleek urban appearance that is seen in much of the high-end designer clothing created for men. For the men who enjoy wearing this style, there is a wide variety of urban suits for men available online. When you shop for urban suits, you want to think about your skin, eyes and hair coloring in order to find the right colors that will look attractive on you.

The first step you can take to find urban suits that will work with your coloring is to look at your hair and eye color. Most of us can categorize our hair and eyes as basically dark in color or light in color. If you have dark hair and eyes, you will look great in urban suits that are in black, chocolate, taupe, stone, charcoal and pewter for basic wearable colors. You can also add color, for a special occasion, with men's urban suits in brighter colors such as forest green, purple, true red or teal. If you prefer, you can perhaps combine both classic and bright colors together when you wear men's zoot suits by purchasing urban suits for men in the more conservative colors, and then adding some spark and fun with a bright accent, such as a bright dress shirt or vest. Even a pocket handkerchief, in the appropriate bright color, worn up by your face can enhance your skin tone and eyes, which will make a big difference when you wear urban men's suits that amplify your entire appearance as a whole.

For those with light hair and eye colors, look for men's zoot suits in colors such as stone, taupe, cocoa, pewter, medium grey or brown with a touch of rosy-pink as an undertone. These men's urban suits will bring out the highlights in your blonde hair and green or blue eyes. For adding bright colors to your urban men's suits, you could consider hues such as light aqua, apple, sage green, sky blue, pastel pink or turquoise.

Another aspect of color to consider is the tie you will wear with your men's zoot suits. Since the color is close to your face, it is important to pick the right colors to use in men's urban suits accessories. This is another spot where you can easily add a bright color to urban suits for men, and have it make a big impact on your appearance. 


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