Friday 24 August 2012

The way men perceive fashion has changed over recent years due to the influence of the media. In particular, magazines create an image for men of how they should look or dress. Magazines have changed society due to their ideas for men's self image. Not only advertising space but also general content has an ever larger proportion dedicated to fashion in general interest, sporting and also fitness magazines. 

Men's fashion in magazines is now a very prominent part, while it was overlooked somewhat in the past. With men focusing more and more on style, there is a much larger demand and interest for fashion based content. Men's fashion is not only influenced by men's magazines either. Women's magazines now contain men's clothing sections. This is so that in the woman's minds an idea is created of how their partner should dress. 

A huge number of publications now contain fashion content regardless of their target Audience and the main magazine subject area. They do however create fashion advice which will influence and appeal to their target demographic. Advice and items are suggested which take into account sexuality, age, interests and income but also the publication receiving some form of capital incentive. 

This explains a lot about magazines influence. The magazines commercial interest can cause new styles to come about in the midst of an entire other current style or trend. If they are paid enough, they will put the retailer's items and style on show and create a stir around it so that it is well received by the target Audience. 

Retailers are now creating their own short publications due to the influence magazines have on fashion being so much so. These show men how to use their various items to put together outfits along with other fashion advice. The customer's way of dress can then be controlled somewhat by the retailer. The magazines display their clothes in a way which suggest how they should be worn, not how they can be worn. 


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