Tuesday 28 August 2012

I hope you have a basic knowledge about affiliate marketing, what it is and how it works. When I started my Internet marketing career it was by marketing products from www.clickbank.com. 

Affiliate networks such as www.clickbank.com give you the advantage of screening out bad vendors and they act as a middleman and process the payments for you. 

You can also find other companies that have their own affiliate programs. Be sure though to examine their affiliate programs so you don't get bad surprises! 

You'll want a payment schedule and threshold that is fair and that you can live with. It's also great if you can have hands-on help and support as you are picking affiliates to partner with. 

Newbies often run out of ideas on how to promote products if they don't have a big emailing list. Before this can be attained it is a good idea to make review sites. 

This was an easy way for me to get started and learn the basics and I think you'll find it will work for you too if you aren't already using this model. 

A review site is a one page website that has a review of an affiliate product. To do this effectively you should actually purchase the product and use it and then write an original review. 

Rewriting a review already written by someone else is possible but not the best way to go. Do some keyword research and write your own review containing good long keywords. 

If you'd like, you can include more than one review on the page. For example, I like to have a review of my #1 favorite product in that category and then include 2-4 runner ups and include reviews for those as well. 

If you are ambitious you can make 10 of these sites per month. You can do this in 40 hours. After creating one site you have the template and it gets faster each time. 

10 hours per month are spent marketing the already made sites in forums and in the social media. I also create ad campaigns in Google or other networks. 

Costs were around $10/month for hosting for all of the sites and $8 or so for each individual domain. My marketing costs (purchase of the products reviewed and ad campaigns) were $700-1000 monthly. 

My profit after expenses, was $4000 each month, which works out to $67 per hour. Not too many jobs pay that much money and I achieved that level in a very short time.


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