Friday 24 August 2012

Fashion magazines all have their fashion faux pas pages where a lot of celebrities are displayed in expensive garments that sometimes make them look ridiculous. That makes us wonder how could we avoid fashion mistakes, if even the rich people who get advice from personal stylists and famous designers make them? Here are some rules that can keep you out of trouble; try not to wear together the next 5 things: 

1. Clothes that show too much skin. If you decided to wear a micro mini skirt, try not to match it with a revealing top. This kind of outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination looks cheap and should be avoided. Try nice classic linen tops in bright colors with black peg leg trousers instead. You will look so effortlessly chic. 

2. Sequin pants/tops with other bold colored, heavy printed items. But if you go for sequin, don't overdo this trend by adding other bold colored, heavy printed clothing items or accessories. Too many ruffles can produce the same overload effect. While its true that ruffles are everywhere on runways and red carpets, it is also true that sometimes its too much. Stay away from too much jewelry or oversize clothes especially if you are petite. 

3. All over animal print. If you don't want to look cheap and trashy, avoid wearing more than one animal print item at a time. Choose the animal print blouse, bag or skirt and pair it with black items for a clean, elegant look. Don't ever wear leopard print together with snake skin print! It won't look good on anyone. 

4. Big, impressive bracelets, earrings and necklaces. If you pile on numerous accessories, you will look ridiculous. It is best to choose either big earrings or a big statement necklace with a simple dress. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more! 

5. Different types of denim. Avoid becoming a fashion addict and start adding some personality to fashion trends. If mixed denim looks overload and boring even on celebrities, try something different. Match your denim jacket with linen pants or wear jeggings with linen tops in neutral colors. Add some jewelry to the outfit, and you will look so good. 

Don't forget, fashion is for setting off our best features and not our flaws! 


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