Tuesday 28 August 2012

In this report you will discover the Acura RL and its pure luxury. When you think of luxury, do you also think about the features? The first step is finding out the prices followed by all of the interesting features the Acura RL has. We have the standard features as well as a couple of upgrades. This information will be of value to you when you purchase your next vehicle. 

The Acura comes in approximately eight exterior colors, and they are adding even more. There are five interior colors to choose from at this time. This Acura RL model comes with great leather seats, which is a standard item in this vehicle. Riding in comfort is wonderful for someone who can't sit for long periods of time. 

Knowing what you want to spend on a car helps when you go comparison shopping. If you like luxury, you will probably like The Acura RL. They charge about 47 thousand for the standard model. The technology package will run you about 50 thousand dollars. The next upgrade would be the CMBS/ACC package, and that price is about 54 thousand dollars. 

Is the Acura RL a good value? Yes, I think so, if you can afford it. What comes standard with the Acura RL? I'm glad you asked, first we have the comfortable leather seats, 5 speed automatic, surround sound speakers. There is a 3. 7 liter VTEC engine, with 300 horse power. Air conditioner, with an air filtration system. You get a CD player, iPod and blue tooth interface. All of this is standard. 

The technology package would be a great upgrade. You get all the standard features plus, the technology package. The technology package is Acura link to weather and traffic reports, rearview camera, and traffic rerouting. You will also have temperature controls, GPS link as well as a solar system link. All of this plus six level heated and cooling front seats, and an active front lighting system. 

If that is not enough, upgrading to the CMBS and ACC package, that includes the braking system, is the way to go. What is CMBS, well in a nut shell, it is collision mitigation braking system for safety. The ACC is adaptive cruise control, which is wonderful when on the road for hours at a time. These are both great upgrades, it won't be easy to choose will it? 

Are the upgrades something that you need, or desire? If so then go for it. This vehicle has it all, it fits six adults. It is a plus when you have a large interior. The Acura RL has many desirable features and upgrades. It might even be the top contender. 

This is a very luxurious vehicle. Several of the upgrades are at the top of my list. The ability to choose your interior and exterior colors is fabulous. Of course you will pay a little more for each of the upgrades, but it's worth every cent. The prices go from 47 thousand all the way up to 54 thousand dollars. I believe the features you get with the standard model is excellent for the price that you are paying. Lastly, take a trip to one of the car dealers, and take the Acura RL out for a drive. 


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