Thursday 23 August 2012

BMX racing is for the young and young at heart. It is a fun sport catering to mainly the younger generation. Kids generally use 20" bikes for BMX racing and kids under 6 may be using 12" bikes also. The bike used should be suitable to the race track. Bikes having 24 or 26" wheels can also be used. Many tracks allow and disallow certain sizes and types of bikes. Irrespective of size and class, all bikes should have certain features to prevent accidents and injures. All bikes should be stripped of any reflectors, kickstands and chain guards. The bike should be padded on the top tube, crossbar and stem. At least one brake in working condition is mandatory. An identification number plate is necessary on the race track.
Care while racing
Protect your head - use a helmet. Use the track rules to select a suitable helmet.
Protect your body - use protective clothing and cover the body as much fully as you can.
Use sturdy and comfortable shoes.
Use gloves for better grip.
Keep biking tools and sir pump handy.
Ready to race 1. Finding a race track is easy - ask the National Bicycle League (NBL) or American Bicycle Association (ABA) through their websites. These bodies sanction most of the BMX racing circuits. They also provide consultancy and medical insurance (on membership) to guard you against any accidents during the races. A parent or guardian must always accompany the rider, in order to give permission for the child to participate in the race. Proof of age is required in the form of a birth certificate. All tracks issue racing licenses on an annual basis, costing between $15 and $40. Entry fee is charged for individual races varying between $5 and $10.
Always take a walk around the track, especially if the track is new to you. Remember the jumps. Take a practice ride along with the others. Go slow and make sure you are in your comfort zone. Races are normally segregated into age groups. The race itself may have 3 to 4 rounds, don't get worried, if you win you will get to keep the trophy and if you don't, you will still end up having fun. BMX racing is a fun sport as said earlier, so there is no reason to get bogged down, try the next time.
BMX racing is a fun sport as said earlier, so there is no reason to get bogged down, try the next time.


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