Tuesday 28 August 2012

Anyone thinking about dressing up as Michael Jackson for Halloween or for their next costume party probably already has a specific Michael style in their mind. No matter which era you are going with, there are several pieces that you can't leave out or you just ruin the Michael Jackson costume altogether. But dom't worry, here are the six pieces that you need to know about so you aren't lost: 

Piece a: The Glove - Michael wore this single sequin glove for decades and it seemed that so did many other people around the world - especially in the 1980's. For anyone who is thinking about a Michael Jackson costume, this is one piece that you don't ever want to leave home without and it will also instantly let people know who you are. 

Piece b: The Hat - It's hard to see pictures of Michael over the past 30 years without the black fedora hat. No matter if it was in a video, an interview, or just around his home, there are thousands of pictures of him wearing this famous black hat. This should be an easy find, either online or in a discount department store, so you shouldn't have to spend a lot on this part of your Michael Jackson costume. 

Piece c: The Red Jacket - Who doesn't remember this awesomely style setting red leather jacket with the gold and silver chains and zippers? Even younger people today have at least seen pictures of this style, and those who lived the 80's remember it well. No matter who you are, in this jacket, you are instantly transformed into him and it will make your Michael Jackson costume perfect. 

Piece d: Large Police Sunglasses - This one is not as noticeable as the hat or glove, but if you take a look at any pictures of him, you will notice these large Police or Aviator sunglasses on his face. Large with silver frames, you cannot miss these glasses anywhere, and you should also easily find them online or at a discount store as well. No Michael Jackson costume is complete without these great sunglasses. 

Piece e: Military Inspired Clothing - Don't think of the camo that you see when you see soldiers, but more the dress military jackets with the metalic piping on it. These jackets and other shirts that he wore created a unique look that could not be missed throughout the 80's and 90's. So, for those considering this era of Michael Jackson costume, you may have to look a bit to find this jacket. 

Piece f: Black Leather Shoes - No matter if you ever looked at his shoes or not, Michael was famous for wearing these same type of shoes for many years. They were great for the moonwalk, his other dance moves, spinning, or just strolling around, and you will need to have a pair of these to complete your Michael Jackson costume if you want it to all flow together. 

For anyone ready to put together their own Michael Jackson costume, these are the six pieces that you have to have in your outfit for it to work. While you don't have to have them all at the same time, you should have most of them so that you don't mess up and end up in second place. 


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