Tuesday 28 August 2012

In the United States, fashion is big business-and it's ever changing! If you want to stay on the cutting edge of fashion trends, take a look at what's hot. Fashion week in New York provided some insight into the hottest new looks and fashion trends for the coming year. 

Zippers, Zippers, Zippers 

Yes that's right; punk rockers are not the only people who can sport zippers on their clothing. Fashion week showed us that zippers can be a stunning asset to any article of clothing. We saw zippers on boots, skirts and even tee shirts! 

It's time to relax 

Relaxed fit pants are definitely in this year, so save the skinny jeans for another time. Loose fitting comfortable jeans and trousers are great with casual tops or even dressier attire for evenings out. And who wants to argue with comfort? 

Silky Sensations 

Silky, satiny fabrics are making a sensation this season. Dresses, skirts, blouses, and even loose elegant tank tops took center stage in New York at fashion week. In addition to adding texture and style, these fluid fabrics add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Even a pair of jeans is dressy with a silky tank top and simple accessories. 

Pretty In Pink 

Most years have certain colors that dominate. For 2009-2010, pink is perfect. Women and girls of every age and ethnicity can pull off pink with style simply by selecting the shade that looks best with their hair and skin tones. For example, dark skin and hair looks great in magenta and hot pink while light skin and hair is always pretty in pastel pink. So go a little girly and bring on the pink. 

Bulky Beads 

Accessorize this season with super large necklaces. These are a great way to dress up a so-so shirt. Invest in some oversized necklaces in a verity of colors this season. 

Big Big Bags 

If you're one of those people who just has to carry everything with you-just in case-you're going to love the trend toward jumbo bags, totes, and purses that is currently all the rage. Big loose styles in bold and beautiful colors, prints, and a wide variety of fabrics or materials means you can get a different bag to go with every outfit-or a single bag that goes with anything. 

Neon Colors Are Hot 

The Neon colors of the 80's are also making a huge comeback. This is great for those girls who love color! Feel free to splurge on bright greens, oranges and pinks. Pair these neon colors with denim for a hot casual look. 

Spring Suits 

While black pantsuits have always been a classic trend-and they're still great-the newest rage is all about pastels. Pale pink, lavender, light yellow, mint green, and baby blue pantsuits will make a splash this spring. So sweeten up your wardrobe with a little light color in a new pantsuit. 

Bold Colors 

Like many of the clothing and accessories seen at fashion week, bold colors are currently very much in vogue. Tiny delicate prints are a little pass for this year but have been replaced with bold solids or bright chunky patterns in bold hues. You can also layer different pieces in bright colors to create a funky fashionable look that is fabulous with jeans or loose casual pants. 


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