Tuesday 28 August 2012

By definition a fashion designer is a person that designs clothes. In creating the clothes they follow the fashion trends and when a collection is ready they organize fashion shows where they present their creations to the large public. There are people who believe that fashion design ends when the fashion weeks are over. But this cannot be further from the truth. Every single clothing item that we have in our wardrobe is the creation of a fashion designer. 

Fashion is changing continuously and the fashion trends come and go. Thus a fashion designer has to explore this area in detail. Those who are interested in becoming fashion designers have to attend a special school or the very least follow a specialized course. Some people on the other hand, have the opportunity of starting their careers by being apprentices for important designers. 

Those freshly graduated fashion designers have to invest even more time in their work after they finished school in order to become recognized. One of the first steps in the achieving the career you are thriving for is to start working for a fashion house that produces clothes for mass consumption. This way you will achieve more knowledge and evolve. 

Like many other jobs, at the beginning the salary is going to be rather low but the working hours will be significant. However, when you start feeling that you have gained enough experience then you can simply choose to open your own boutique. Such a business requires more than designer skills it also requires business skills. 

There is something alluring in fashion shows and fashion weeks, something that can win us over no matter how we feel about fashion. But in order to get notice the designers have to work very long hours in the workshop. It is not easy to become a fashion designer but with a lot of hard work and dedication everything can be achieved, including this. 


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