Thursday 23 August 2012

Pocket bikes are essentially miniature motorcycles, they have the same sleek look as real motorcycles but are much more affordable. Motorsport enthusiasts all over the globe are collecting pocket bikes to add to their collections. A pocketbike or minibike as they also are called, comes with all the parts of their full size cousins, but are only about two to three feet tall. They are usually powered by a four stroke or two stroke gas engine, but electrically powered models are also becoming increasingly popular. Pocketbikes can be a toy for a kid or a powerful racing machine for a pro racer. How you use it is up to you. 

Pocket bikes can be designed in many ways, from older models resembling something that rolled straight out from a 1970 kids magazine to brand new models that copy a full size GP motorcycle perfectly. Other popular designs include chopper mini bikes which obviously look like miniature choppers, or pit bikes which looks like miniature motorcross bikes with more or less the same off road capabilities. You can get a good pocket bike for as little as $350. You can find cheaper models, but they will be of lower quality materials, making the frame heavier and more brittle. At the same time, a more expensive model will have practical features like hydraulic disc brakes or an air cooled 110 cc engine. In addition to all this you can easily customize your pocket bike in a lot of ways, for instance by changing the color plan or adding decals and decorations. 

You will probably have to ride the pocket bike on private property only as they are usually banned from road use. Check you neighborhood for places to ride before buying one. 

I will have to say that at first glance, most pocket bikes do look like toys. However, it is a big mistake to think this way about these machines. They can reach very high speeds and when coupled with the fact that many people ignore wearing proper safety equipment, a simple fall from a pocket bike can have disastrous consequences. It won't be as bad as a real motorcycle crash, but on the other hand, most people wear safety gear while riding those. 

Hopefully you will keep some of these things in mind while riding. I hope you have loads and loads of fun on your minibike! 


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