Thursday 23 August 2012

If someone in your family has been nagging you about a motocross bike, consider an ebike mini dirt bike as your alternative to a traditional gas powered model. My nephew Paulo had been bugging me, but he's only 12, and I didn't think a big dirt bike would be appropriate. So I bought him a razor mini dirt bike for Christmas. He loves it. 

Because they run on electricity, mini dirt ebikes are also a lot cleaner and better for the environment than gas powered models. They do not put out harmful exhaust fumes like gas motors, and the only pollution from them comes from the risk of improper battery disposal and whatever was used to provide the energy for your home in the first place. Because power plants have strict standards nowadays, that will be much less of an impact than gasoline, so shrink your carbon footprint and ride electric! You can also cut down on noise pollution with these bikes too, as they are much, much more quiet than gas powered motors. Unlike that angry buzzing hornet sound with a normal dirt motorbike, these models have only a quiet hum of power, making them perfect for cruising along back country trails or racing through urban courses alike. 

Apart from being the most prevailing off-roader, the mini dirt bikes can also be tagged as the most seducing bikes luring youngsters with a passion for the wild. These dirt bikes were conceived for riding on irregular landscape. They are solid and are fitted with suspension and rugged tires to enable the rider to move at a fast pace. These gorgeous bikes also come with smaller engine power unlike the actual street bikes that one sees on roads. Mostly they have 125 cc engines. Mini dirt bikes are light but muscular with twisted tires to offer maximum grip on uneven terrains. 

Mini dirt bikes are far less expensive to operate than their gas powered cousins, as in order to get the equivalent of a full tank of gas you have only to plug it into the power outlet in your wall for a few hours and you are ready to go. No more lugging around dangerous gas cans in the back of your car on the way to the dirt bike course or paying far too much a gallon to fill the thing in the first place! With an electric dirt bike, you can just pay for the cost of the electricity it took to charge the battery, which should run you up to 90% less. 

Unlike commuter ebikes, range is not so much of an issue with a mini dirt bike, as you are rarely going more than 20 miles at a time. This means you can use the powerful motor to its fullest capacity, going as fast as you want and still have plenty of juice left over for another go or pulling some stunts around the course. The batteries take only a few hours to charge and then you can be off to the races again for another round.


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