Thursday 23 August 2012

Contemporary door knobs come in a large variety of styles and finishes, and they're something found throughout the house and used by everyone. Yet many people give little thought to their door knobs and door handles if they think of them at all. However, door handles can be chosen to work with the other style selections you have made for your home or office. Furthermore, the quality of your door handles says a lot about your sense of style. When you invest in contemporary door handles that are of the highest quality, you quietly tell everyone that you want the best, and you appreciate style that lasts.

Who Will Use the Door Most?

Whether you're replacing one broken door knob or redecorating your entire house, it's smart to consider who will use the door most. For example, do you want a door handle that's easy for children to operate? Do you need a door handle for someone who has arthritis in their hands? Will the door handle be used many times a day (like the door knob on the bathroom door) or only infrequently (like the door knob on the storage closet)? Keep in mind that it's not easy to appreciate the looks of a door knob if the users have trouble operating it, or if the knob continuously comes loose or malfunctions.

Replace One or Replace All?

Replacing the door handles throughout your home or office is a wonderful way to update your style without breaking your budget. Today's contemporary door knobs come in so many beautiful styles that it's easy to find something you love. Then again, if you are replacing a door handle due to a specific need (such as a door handle on the office of someone with mobility difficulties), you may only want to replace the one. If you're redecorating one room of your home, such as your bedroom, you may well find that once you replace the door handle with something beautiful that functions flawlessly you want to replace all the door handles in your home.

Budget Shouldn't Be the Only Consideration

Nobody wants to overspend, but when it comes to door hardware, the old saying "You get what you pay for" is true. Cheaply made door handles come loose, stick, or otherwise malfunction more frequently, and they wear out quicker than top quality door handles. Many people today are turning to stainless steel due to its great look, easy care, and lasting style. Consider costs, but don't let cost be your only consideration.

Quality Pays Off Long Term

When you're replacing your existing door handles and knobs with new door knobs, take a long term view. If you're installing the new handles in your home, how likely is it that you'll be selling within the next few years? If selling is a real possibility, you'll want to invest in classic style which appeals to a wide range of tastes. If you plan to stay indefinitely, invest in something you'll be happy to use for years to come. Door handles shouldn't be a style afterthought because they can contribute greatly to getting the look you want.


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