Tuesday 28 August 2012

Your car is a big investment. Whether you use it strictly as dependable transportation or love cars and love to show yours off, you want the highest quality for the lowest price when buying replacement auto body parts, consumables, or aftermarket upgrades. Price is important, and you should compare prices to make sure an auto parts retailer is giving you your money's worth. But price shouldn't be the only thing you look at when you need auto parts. After all, a bargain price doesn't mean much when you have to replace a part in short order.

OE or Aftermarket?

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying original equipment manufacturer parts for your car or buying aftermarket parts. In general, OE parts are more expensive, but you do get the peace of mind of knowing they were made by the same manufacturer that made your car to begin with. Aftermarket parts often beat OE parts on price, but quality varies. Some aftermarket parts are not as good as OE parts, but others are actually better than OE parts. Fortunately, with the Internet it's easier than it used to be to find reviews and discussions about OE versus aftermarket parts. Information is power when it comes to buying parts for your car.

Look at the Guarantee

You want to buy your replacement auto parts from a retailer that backs up the products they sell. When searching online, read up on guarantee and return policies. Often these policies are what sets the best auto parts retailers apart from the competition. If you're not sure what guarantees apply to the parts you need, call the dealer's toll free number or use their live chat feature to get the answers you need. If you can't find a number to call for information, and there is no live chat feature, be wary. Good parts dealers are eager to interact with customers.

Aftermarket Parts to Improve your Driving Experience

Sometimes you want aftermarket parts to enhance your driving experience. For example, K&N air filters are very popular among those who want superior filtration in a reusable air filter that lasts for the lifetime of the vehicle. Learn the details of these aftermarket parts and what they can do for your car. Sometimes, like in the case of K&N air filters, they are investments that pay off in performance and savings over the long term. Whether you want to add an air intake system or are interested in auto body details like special trim, look for retailers that are ready to answer your questions and find exactly what you need.

Comparison is the Key to Satisfaction

Online auto parts sales have forced retailers to be competitive on price, shipping speed, return policy, and guarantee policy. This is great news for you, because finding a retailer you can trust to sell you parts at a fair price and back up those parts with a guarantee is easier now than ever. Shopping around no longer means spending all day on the phone or driving all over town, so there's no reason to settle for anything less than great customer service and top quality auto parts.


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